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Arnel Bélizaire again questioned Friday, December 20, the examining magistrate Gaudly Joseph questioned once again the former deputy of the radical opposition Arnel Bélizaire, imprisoned at the National Penitentiary, accused of Conspiracy […]

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Réginald Boulos embarks on politic On Wednesday at the Royal Oasis hotel, the influential businessman Réginald Boulos, launched himself into politics and presented the manifesto of MTVAYITI, a Party of “center left”, […]

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Political repression in Miragoâne ? Me André Michel, Spokesperson of the radical opposition of the movement known as “Democratic and Popular Sector” condemns and denounces the political repression exerted in Miragoâne over […]

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Haiti Jovenel Moïse receives new Chilean ambassador accredited to Haiti On Nov, 12, President Jovenel Moïse received Cristian Rodrigo Donoso Maluf, new accredited Chilean ambassador to Haiti, at the National Palace.  They […]