Suriname: National Army increases civilian safety

The Department of Defense is working to increase security and preparedness within the community. Acting commander Henri van Axeldongen says that this is done in the interest of a safe Suriname and in the context of raising awareness to the community.

“We as an army also have the task of ensuring that society is safe. Not only must the army guarantee security, but also the civilians. You also have a task to check what is happening in the immediate vicinity. If you notice something, it must be passed on,” says van Axeldongen.

In connection with this, the National Army has started marches. The first march was held in Commewijne. To increase preparedness, there are joint training courses internally and with other countries. Surgeries are planned for the coming months. The ministry also wants to be more visible in the hinterland.

The Defense organization wants to create a safe environment between civilians and military personnel in which rapprochement should no longer be a taboo. “The interaction between civilians and military must be initiated. That is why the exercises are organized in such a way. This must create a civil-military relationship. “See something, say something. This is an aspect where the citizen reports something in his or her environment that the authorities are not yet aware of.”


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