Jamaica: Ganja Licence approval delays lead to million-dollar losses

Stakeholders in the cannabis industry are increasingly becoming frustrated with the slow pace of approvals for licences from the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA). At an emergency press conference held on Saturday, tempers flared as various industry leaders expressed dissatisfaction with the CLA’s performance.

Paul Burke, programme director for the Ganja Growers & Producers Association of Jamaica (GGPAJ) castigated the CLA, stating that the body is an “albatross around the necks of this fledging industry”.

The GGPAJ is calling for a review of the regulations to allow for the quarantining, instead of the destruction, of any plants in question.

These comments came in the aftermath of the felling of over 1,000 plants last Wednesday at Epican’s farm in Guava Ridge, St Andrew. Epican CEO Karibe McKenzie explained that despite receiving expressions of support from the industry minister, the CLA still went ahead with the destruction of the plants.


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