Dominican Republic: Identity theft rampant throughout the country

Identity theft has become one of the fastest-expanding crimes in the Dominican Republic.

Punishable by sentences of between three months and seven years in prison and a fine of two to two hundred times the minimum wage, the penalty for this crime is contemplated in Law No. 53-07 on Crimes and Crimes of High Technology.

As proof of its immediate ramification, in the jurisdiction of the National District, the Prosecutor’s Office has been seized 79 complaints between January to June of this year.

According to statistics from the National District Attorney’s Office, 120 complaints of online fraud, 188 cases for defamation, 66 for blackmail, and 49 for illicit access were seized from January to June.

Likewise, there have also been 40 cases of illicit obtaining of funds, 40 for threats, 39 annoying calls, 19 for extortion, and three card-clonings.

The prosecutor of the National District urged citizens who have been victims of electronic crimes to go to the Public Ministry and follow up on their cases until the conviction of the criminals is achieved.


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