Suriname: BOG becomes subdirectorate

The Bureau of Public Health (BOG) will be a sub-directorate of the Ministry of Health. This will be done by Minister Amar Ramadhin to better implement the COVID policy. Until now, the BOG is a division of the department.

COVID-19 and the entire policy surrounding it will soon fall under the BOG. The minister says that the BOG is the most appropriate place to implement the COVID policy because it diagnoses diseases and carries out vaccinations. This gives this body a lot of mandate and authority to outline the COVID policy.

There is currently a fourth wave. The minister notes that a number of people who have already been vaccinated have also become infected. Of the 325 hospital admissions, only nine individuals were fully vaccinated.

A large proportion belong to the unvaccinated and the not fully vaccinated. He emphasizes that vaccination does not prevent infection, but does serve as protection against diseases and ICU admissions.

During the previous waves, the ICU was already full, but now there are twelve or thirteen patients. The minister has noticed that vaccinated people are also among the infected cases. According to the minister, it could mean that vaccinated people get less sick, but it could also be that vaccinated people have become careless by no longer complying with MoHanA rules, partying and gathering together. “We are not yet at our funding ratio. Each individual is responsible for his or her own health,” said Minister Ramadhin.


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