Jamaica: Man charged with robbery after dramatic carjacking in Clarendon

Twenty-year-old Mark Easy of Bustamante Highway in Clarendon has been charged with robbery with aggravation following a recent incident on Paisley Avenue in the parish.

Reports from the May Pen police are that about 10am, the complainant — a taxi operator — was at a taxi stand when four persons — three men and a woman — boarded his vehicle.

Along the journey, the men reportedly forced the female from the motor vehicle and then placed a gun at the now complainant’s head.

It is alleged that Easy then took control of the vehicle, but while traveling along Paisley Avenue, there was a tussle between the taxi operator and the robbers, resulting in the vehicle crashing into a building.

The now complainant managed to escape from his assailants, and reported the matter to the police.

Easy was found unconscious inside the motor vehicle by citizens of the community, who took him to the hospital.

He was placed under police guard and later charged after being pointed out as one of the alleged robbers.


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