Trinidad & Tobago: Carapo residents protest for water

Rain has been the most water Fourth Street, Peytonville, Carapo residents have seen in three weeks, and some of them have resorted to using it to do their daily chores including cooking.

On Tuesday the residents protested not having had a regular water supply in weeks.

The small group shouted, “We want water!”

Ricardo Joefield said water often comes twice a week and the residents look forward to those days. But as quickly as it comes, it also quickly goes. Joefield said it stays for about four hours, but the water pressure is so low it does not fill many tanks.

He said at one point he had to go to Malabar – about 5.2 kilometres away from Carapo – to get water to do his chores and operate his food vending business. Joefield is known as the souse man from Valencia.


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