Suriname: Finances and good plan key to good elections

Finances and a good plan are the keys to success in organizing good, fair and transparent elections. Minister Bronto Somohardjo of the Interior (Biza) underlined this during the second information session with the district commissioners (DCs) of Sipaliwini, Marowijne, Coronie, Nickerie and Brokopondo last August 28 in the Lalarookh building. The purpose of these sessions is to identify bottlenecks from the previous elections, discuss them and make points for improvement.

In addition, the strong points are maintained and further expanded on the basis of the region in question. What has worked well in one region can also be applied in another region with possible adjustments. That is why evaluation interviews are held at an early stage with the various DCs, their staff members and management services.

The Biza minister adds that the government has already started the ‘Financial Inclusion’ project, whereby preconditions have been created for the people of the districts and are enabled to use banking services. This should, among other things, facilitate payment to the election staff in the future.

Biza director Mohamad Nasier Eskak emphasizes that communication is very important in the election process. He listed five key groups with which to communicate regularly. It concerns the internal organs, election partners and organs, political parties, the media and the electorate. The interaction between the Biza team and the representatives of the supervisory directorships shows that there is sufficient room for improvement.


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