Our company rolled out a contact tracing app. These are the most interesting findings

As the Delta variant gains ground in the U.S., so too does the topic of reopening the office. In this time of uncertainty, many business leaders are hitting pause or delaying their return-to-office plans. In some cases, the focus has been incorrectly placed on deciding how to “get back” and not embracing the new evolution of work and providing the support and flexibility employees are looking for.

We’ve encountered many of these same hurdles at PwC and while we’ve recently made the decision to delay office reopenings until November 2021 at a minimum, the technology we have in place gives us the ability to keep safety, well-being and flexibility for our employees and clients top of mind.

Across industries, executives are weighing which work arrangement is best for their business. One thing that has given me confidence at PwC is our organization’s reliance on rigorous technologies that help build trust among employees, keep workplace guidelines intact, and provide more options to workers.


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