Jamaica: One Drop streaming audio and video app set to thrill reggae lovers

One Drop streaming and audio app curator, Norman Williams, is confident about his reggae-dancehall-focussed app, and believes that reggae-loving Jamaicans will enjoy the new app.

One of those reasons, he believes, is that it has the slickest, snappiest user interface for Jamaicans looking to stream reggae music.

“One Drop is the new streaming audio and video app dedicated to reggae and other Jamaican musical genres influential to the development of reggae. It will stand out because it was created by Jamaicans who know and understand our music and how it should be sequenced and curated. This will be evident in its curation,” Williams, Chief Executive Officer of One Drop Media, said in an interview.

One Drop was soft-launched in April 2021. The iOS version for Apple devices was launched first and is now available in the Apple Store. Development is in progress on the Android version.

“One Drop is a salute to reggae and Jamaica’s musical and cultural heritage. The app is a global platform for people to enjoy the creativity of artistes, songwriters, deejays, producers, promoters and other contributors in the Jamaican music industry,” said Williams.


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