Suriname: Breaking: Bouterse sentenced again to 20 years in prison

The Court Martial sentenced Desi Bouterse again today. The verdict of 29 November 2019 against Bouterse remains in force. In that sentence in the December criminal trial, the former president and former army chief was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his part in the murders of 8 December 1982 in Fort Zeelandia.

Bouterse himself was not present during the session today due to illness. His lawyer Irvin Kanhai was also not present. No immediate arrest has been ordered by the Court Martial.

Improper use
The Court Martial is of the opinion that Bouterse has made improper use of the legal remedy ‘resistance’ by invoking his right to remain silent.

During his last word in the continuation of the resistance case on July 30, Bouterse indicated that he initially did not want to participate in a criminal trial that clearly showed the traces of bias and direction by the former colonizer.


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