Suriname: Saamaka community disagrees with Afobakaweg name change

The Saamaka community does not agree with the name change from Afobakkaweg to Ir. Rajkoemar Hendrik Ramdinweg. This is what the ABOP faction leader, Obed Kanapé, says in conversation with Suriname Herald. His group has also taken note of the letter circulating in society.

From the ABOP/PL fraction, he refers to the commissioning of the road. The then NDP assembly member Hugo Jabini indicated that he would name the road after former granman Agwago Danus Aboikoni. He indicates that it is respected that Ramdin has contributed to the development of the bauxite industry in Suriname, but assuming that the construction of the Afobakkastuwmeer has been a great loss to the Saamaka community.

The Saamaka community has suffered losses both culturally and historically when their villages were flooded.

Cultural heritage has also been lost. Because of these facts, many in the community are emotionally affected by this request from the organization. According to Kanapé, the community believes that the organization is daring to take such a step. He indicates that the faction asks the government to look into this.

He proposes that the request of former assembly member Jabini be granted. This is assuming that the Afobakka Road, as it is now called, may at all times have a connection with the communities of the Saamaka community.


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