Suriname: Government allocates funds for implementation of Kali’na and Lokono verdict

In order to further implement the Kali’na Lokono verdict, the government has mobilized funds to be deposited into the Community Development Fund. It concerns US$ 1 million that will be paid into the fund for eight indigenous villages in the Marowijne district. The decision was recently approved at the meeting of the Council of Ministers. The deposit must serve as one of the measures resulting from the Kali’na and Lokono judgment.

In connection with the judgment of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, one of the measures to be implemented by the State of Suriname has included the deposit of US$ 1 million.

This amount had to be deposited into the fund within three years of the announcement of the verdict on January 28, 2016, i.e. no later than January 2019. Due to limited resources allocated to the Sustainable Development Indigenous Peoples Directorate, she was unable to make the deposit.

The funds deposited in the Community Development Fund must be used for development projects, the Public Communications Directorate reports. The money is intended for the indigenous villages in the Lower Marowijne area, namely Christiaankondre (Galibi) Langamankondre (Galibi) Erowarte, Tapoekoe, Pierre Kondre, Marijkedorp, Bigiston and Alfonsdorp.

The projects are in the fields of health, education, food, security and resource management.


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