Suriname: NPS evaluates functioning in government at 75th anniversary commemoration

“On September 29, the community will hear from us how we see the situation in the country exactly. We work in a structured way and on this day we celebrate our 75th anniversary. There will be an evaluation moment. We are now entering the evaluation period and that will are done together with the structures of the party. The party is now working towards September 29,” said Gregory Russia, chairman of the National Party Suriname (NPS).

“I don’t like a lot of things that are happening now, but the government is in big trouble and is therefore forced to take measures,” says the NPS chairman. He says that if measures are taken by the government it should know how she caters to the community.

“Taking action hurts. When you take measures, make sure that you help people to bridge the period of a year. It is no use to us that people will be dead in a year and the economy will have recovered. Let’s make sure that the measures help to convince them,” says the NPS chairman.

There will also be a lecture. Due to COVID-19, no major events can be held. A wreath will also be laid at the statue of Johan Adolf Pengel. In connection with the 75th anniversary of the NPS, there is also a documentary about the party. “The NPS is the only political party that has always been in parliament. Not always in government, but in parliament,” says a chief executive.


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