Suriname: Suriname and Guyana sign two cooperation agreements

Two cooperation agreements in the fields of agriculture and public health were signed yesterday at the Arthur Chung Conference Center (ACCC). The agriculture ministers of both countries, Zulfikar Mustapha and Parmanand Sewdien, have signed the agreement. This includes the commercial trade in fresh agricultural products between Suriname and Guyana.

It concerns local and organic agricultural products. The protocol also includes guidelines and criteria for processing, packaging and transport. Both countries have also agreed to explore the possibility of further exporting agricultural products to markets in North America and the European Union.

The second agreement implies cooperation in the field of health care services. The agreement includes the terms of strengthening strategic cooperation in capacity building, specialty medical treatment of patients, development of professional healthcare programs and public health services, disease control, diagnostic imaging, laboratory and pharmaceutical services and research .

With regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, the partnership will cover cross-border diagnostics in COVID-19, contact tracing and quarantine, developing a risk communication strategic COVID-19 awareness and COVID-19 vaccination awareness.


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