Suriname: Closed doors OS Goninikrikimofo worry parents and teachers

Parents with children on OS Goninikrikimofo are concerned that the school has not started yet. The school building, which had been flooded, has not yet been cleaned. The teachers of the school are also still in Paramaribo. The parents want to contribute to help with the cleaning. However, they cannot do this, because the teachers are not there yet. They fear that the school year is lost for the children.

School leader Maren Grootfaam confirms that the teachers are still in Paramaribo. She says they cannot leave yet, because no clear instructions have yet been given from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (MinOWC). They have also not yet been brought in for departure to their place of employment. She says that the school has been dry for more than three weeks and nothing has been done yet. Grootfaam traveled to Paramaribo to collect school furniture and other items for the students.

“There is little movement from the ministry, so I came to see what I can do for the school. The MinOWC had promised that the fire brigade and the National Coordination Center for Disaster Management (NCCR) would contribute, but nothing has come of it. got there,” she says.

The damage caused by the water has not yet been recorded. MinOWC’s engineering department was also said to travel to the area to assess the damage, but that too has not happened yet. “The schools in Paramaribo have already started two weeks ago and we haven’t yet. Not because we had a situation we have to start much later. The parents are willing to help,” says the concerned school principal in conversation with Suriname Herald.


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