Bahamas: SUPPORT PENDING: Govt undecided on whether to extend unemployment benefits program past Sept

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Public Service and National Insurance Minister Brensil Rolle said yesterday no decision has been made on whether the government will extend the unemployment benefit supporting 16,000 people past September.

Rolle, speaking with reporters on the matter ahead of a Cabinet meeting, said: “The emergency orders were just extended. We have not met since that episode. We will discuss that shortly but that’s apparently about six weeks away. The last payment is due the end of September.”

Rolle noted that the National Insurance Board (NIB) alone has paid out over $100 million, with the government redirecting resources to pay out some $250 million.

“Thousands of ordinary Bahamians have benefited from the program, particularly those in the tourism sector that was totally shutdown,” said Rolle.


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