Suriname: Levens: “Professions main road not intended for ‘stupid’ children”

Students will not just transfer, the Minister of Education, Science and Culture (MinOWC) Marie Levens, said during the government press conference. There she gave the necessary explanation about the innovations that will be implemented in education. For example, she said that a demerit points system will be introduced for the transition to the next class.

“If students just transfer, they will end up in a direction where they may only learn half a subject,” said the minister. If the students do their best, they will end up in an academic direction. academic direction. At the career and academic highways, the differences will clearly be eliminated, she said.

It is important for the parents to know that the profession main road is not intended for the ‘stupid’ children. They will not be able to follow the professions main road. The minister said that all talents will be used. There will be more options in the new educational reform. At the secondary school there will no longer be an A and B direction, Levens said.

The ministry has been working on innovations in education for some time. Pupils at primary and secondary schools will from now on continue with a progress report. Someone who starts at primary vocational education without too many barriers and obstacles can easily move on to secondary vocational education if he performs well. They can move up from secondary higher education. The academic main road means that students start at primary school, go to secondary school, then secondary school and finally be able to continue on to university.


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