Trinidad & Tobago: Tropical storm wreaks havoc on southern communities

ALTHOUGH Tropical Storm Grace posed no direct threat to Trinidad and Tobago, the associated adverse weather wreaked havoc across the country on Sunday, resulting in death and destruction, especially in the Southland.

At Rancho Quemado, heavy rainfall caused several landslips, including one which uprooted a huge tree which fell on a home belonging to Christopher Samuel, toppling the wooden structure and killing Samuel in the process.

At Buenos Ayres, a hill collapsed onto the roadway, cutting off the commute between Erin and Point Fortin.

On the Siparia main road, a large portion of road past the Power Generation Company collapsed, making the road impassable.

The Ministry of Works in collaboration with the Siparia Regional Corporation (SRC) responded immediately, putting up detour signs and caution tape to warn drivers before assessing the damage for early repair.


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