Suriname: Pakittow: “The people have been lied to”

The government lied to the people, says Stephano ‘Pakittow’ Biervliet. In conversation with Suriname Herald, he indicates that the current government has promised so much to the people during the elections.

The current ruler spoke about foreign investors from the Surinamese diaspora. It was also said that a crisis plan had been prepared.

According to Biervliet, who is still an active member of the Party for Law and Development (PRO), it is understandable that the government is in office for a year and needs more time. When the people give the government more time, it is meant to see if it can change the situation. “You are not given room to further impoverish the people.”

He also believes that wrong investments are being made, such as the renovation and new construction of the Nickerie market. This while the road to Nickerie bar is bad. According to him, it does not appear that the government does not have a plan to receive more foreign exchange. So far, the people have not noticed. “When you complain about NDP this and NDP that, you should do better.”

On the basis of these developments, he has decided to call on the people to take to the streets. The intention is that today in the morning people gather at the Independence Square. He has not asked any other activists to protest with him.

In the past, he has met with other activists when organizing protests. He notes that the meetings turn out to be long, with little outcome. The same goes for trade unions.


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