Jamaica: PNP again calls for assistance for vulnerable people in the society

Opposition Spokesman of Finance, Julian Robinson, is insisting that the Government should once again assist the vulnerable in the society who he believes are dealing with increased hardships because of price increases on basic commodities.

According to Robinson, this is necessary with the recent tighter restrictive measures that were announced by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, which is coupled with the pending reopening of schools for the new term and year.

“The closing down is going to have a negative impact on all sectors of the economy, but in particular, those who operate in the informal sector, the hairdressers, the barbers, the pan chicken people, the people who wake up in the morning and have to hustle to ensure that they can eat food at night,” said Robinson.

“The fact is, the curfew hours have (been) extended and the prime minister has already hinted that it is probably going to be extended further, based on the rate of spread of COVID, and by all indications, the COVID outbreak is getting worse.


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