Dominican Republic: Adopron invites the sale and consumption of formal brands of alcoholic beverages

The Dominican Association of Rum Producers (ADOPRON) regrets the recent deaths due to alleged intake of alcoholic beverages of illicit or clandestine origin.

Illegal alcoholic beverages are those made informally in which there are no industrialized processes for their production; they do not have a license for their production or sanitary records on the products they produce.

Consequently, these drinks do not guarantee proper traceability of the content of their products, nor the hygiene or safety with which they must be made to avoid damage to health, in addition to not paying the corresponding taxes.

ADOPRON asks Dominicans of legal age to consume alcohol, make a responsible and safe consumption, ingesting only alcoholic beverages of formal brands that have the due legal accreditations and therefore, guarantee the quality of their products.

Likewise, it asks merchants only to sell alcoholic beverages that meet all legal specifications, including their sanitary registration.


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