3 video tools to help remote workers feel connected to the hybrid office

Remote work has oodles of benefits for employers and employees alike: a larger talent pool, less overhead, flexible scheduling, and more.

There are some drawbacks, though, especially for hybrid companies with a mix of remote and in-office workers: potential communication issues, isolation for remote people on in-person teams, and culture challenges.

To address such drawbacks, of course, we have the now-ubiquitous video meeting. And while the technology’s come a long way, it’s still tough to replicate the feeling of being inside an office, from casual catchups to in-person meetings. Open offices, despite its manymanymany flaws, do offer a major benefit: the possibility of open dialogue between team members at all times.

Now, the race is on to build video technology that replicates constant communication between teams. Here’s a look at some interesting contenders.


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