Jamaica: Electrician freed of ‘assault’ after rescuing child from dog attack

A34-year-old electrician who rescued a young child from a dog attack, was freed of assault charges in the St Mary Parish court earlier this week.

Renford Kerr was arrested and charged after the owner of the dog which allegedly attacked a young child, claimed that the electrician entered her yard and beat her up after chasing away the dog from the child.

Kerr, who appeared in the St Mary Parish Court on Tuesday of this week, denied the allegations of assault, but admitted to having chased away the dog.

Through his attorneys, Peter Champagnie and Veroneath Morris, it was suggested to the owner of the dog that she got upset on seeing Kerr inside her yard, and attacked him.

It was further suggested that in self-defence, Kerr chucked her off him.

The owner had testified to having sustained several injuries from her interaction with Kerr during the incident.


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