Dominican Republic: Abinader aims to identify new investments

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader instructed that a review process be initiated, in consultation with the private sector, to identify the opportunities and challenges that have arisen for the Dominican Republic as a result of the reconfiguration of global supply and value chains, as well as nearshoring, whose main purpose is to identify new investments and increase existing ones in free zones and prioritized sectors.

The disposition of the president instructs the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM), Ministry of Foreign Relations (MIREX) and the National Competitiveness Council (CNC) to direct the work in order to produce a report to raise the economic sectors that have the potential to take advantage of the reconfiguration process of said chains for the country.

“… I want to publicly launch a challenge: and it is that the Dominican Republic will be the next example for the entire region and we will work to make it the most important logistical and industrial ally in the Western Hemisphere,” said the president.


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