Suriname: Ramdin: Surinamese interest is central to foreign policy

The Surinamese interest is central to the foreign policy of the Santokhi government. “On that basis, we will enter into relationships. Our diplomacy will focus on looking at partners globally so that we can take advantage of the relationship.” This said Minister Albert Ramdin of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation (BIBIS).

On Tuesday, the ambassadors of India, Canada and the United Kingdom presented their credentials to President Chan Santokhi.

The minister emphasizes that Suriname is a relatively small country. “We want to try to be friends with everyone in the world. That is part of diplomacy, the aim and the most important principle is to make friends,” said Minister Ramdin. In foreign policy, support and technical cooperation is important to the government. That is why we look everywhere where possible.

Cooperation with India is possible in the field of information and communication, among other things. The Asian country is prepared to set up centers in Suriname in this area as well as in the field of Aryuvedic medicine. It is about industrial cooperation. In terms of commercial cooperation, the country is very interested in buying up oil, while also investing in the pharmaceutical industry. “So there is a wide range of opportunities in India,” said Ramdin.


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