Suriname: IOL teachers give Minister Levens an ultimatum

Teachers at the Institute for the Education of Teachers (IOL) are still in the dark as to why the director of the IOL, Robert Peneux, was removed from his position.

Yesterday the teachers held a meeting where the management team was asked what the reason was for the exemption. The teachers were outraged and expressed their displeasure.

They regret that they are not involved and especially have not been informed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture about the exemption of Peneux. They have learned through the media that the director has been released. The teachers also do not agree with the way the minister has dismissed Peneux.

The teachers have sent a letter to Minister Marie Levens. The letter asks for clarity and the teachers give the minister an ultimatum until Friday to learn about the exemption.

Peneux, who was not allowed to attend the teachers’ meeting, is no longer associated with the institute as of 1 September.


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