Jamaica: Mother of Kaylan Dowdie seeks assistance to send teen overseas

Veneshia Buckley, the mother of battered teenager Kaylan Dowdie, has made an impassioned social media plea for assistance to get her daughter overseas.

The mother says after nine months of battling to stay alive and local nurses and doctors doing all they can to assist her medically, Dowdie has reached the stage where she now needs to be placed in a step-down facility with special medical equipment.

A step down facility is place in which care is provided by nurses with occasional visits from a doctor. Essentially, it is a nursing home, whether run privately or by a health board.

Mother says such a facility with the specific medical equipment that is needed for her daughter does not appear to be in Jamaica or even the Caribbean.

The mother says she is desperately now trying to raise funds to get her daughter out of the island. She says because her daughter has not been placed in the step-down facility it appears her condition is worsening.


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