Jamaica: I don’t need permission to protect my people, declares Maroon chief

Maroon Chief Richard Currie today declared that he does not need permission to use any modern weapon to defend his people and their property. 

“It is my duty to defend my people and it should be the duty of any leader to do the same. 

“We are no longer in a time of bows and arrows and spears and slingshots, we’re in a time of modern warfare [with] guns, bombs and all manner of weaponry. I unequivocal reserve my right to defend my people using modern means as this is my right,” he said.

The Maroon chief made the declaration in a video posted on his Instagram page this morning in wake of reports that the Firearm Licensing Authority has launched an investigation into the circumstances in which Currie was seen with what appeared to be a shotgun strapped to his back during a confrontation with the police.

The confrontation reportedly occurred in the vicinity of a section of the Cockpit Country in Accompong, St Elizabeth.


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