Bahamas: “THROW THEM IN JAIL”: Leading real estate broker “fed up” with law-breaking foreign sales agents

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — One of the country’s most successful real estate professionals today backed the industry association’s pledge to go after illegal appraisers who “rob qualified Bahamians of work” by operating in a country without a license to do so.

Mario Carey, founder and president of Better Homes and Gardens MCR Group, issued the no-holds-barred statement a day after the Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA) chief stated the 700+ member organization would be dedicated to closing the loopholes, updating 25-year-old legislation that bans foreigners from coming in and operating in The Bahamas but fails to include penalties and fines.

“I am tired of mincing words and being polite,” said Carey. “I applaud BREA for taking the strong stance against foreign real estate agents, and especially lately, foreign appraisers.

“I have seen these people come in time and time again and taking some of the largest appraisal jobs, including hotels, when they are totally illegal and they are not allowed to engage in this work.

“I cannot go into the United States and do an appraisal. I would be thrown into jail if I did and that is the same thing that should happen to them. Fine ‘em $50,000 and throw them in jail.”


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