Suriname: President approves US$ 5 million for renovation and new construction market Nickerie

President Chan Santokhi has approved an amount of more than USD 5 million for the renovation and new construction of the public market in the Nickerie district. Construction costs are estimated at US$4.1 million, while the project has been awarded US$5 million.

The company Smart & Innovative Consulting Engineer (SICE) submitted a project proposal to President Santokhi on July 14 . On behalf of the president, Arunkoemar Hardien, Director of Political and Policy Affairs in the President’s Office, sent a letter to Sarwan Badjalala , SICE’s senior material and logistics adviser , yesterday that the project proposal has been approved.

Badjalala writes in his letter that under the government’s Recovery and Stabilization Plan, a number of medium and large projects are being implemented in all districts. In view of the necessity and the payback plan, Badjalala would like to propose that the Nickerie Central Market be the first project to be carried out.

Badjalala continues and writes that since there is enough space for the construction work, the current market will not be demolished. “It will remain functional until the new building is erected and takes over the function. The old building will then be demolished and this available space will be used as a parking space,” Badjalala wrote.


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