What to embrace (and what to ditch) in your new hybrid office

Even before the pandemic, leaders were rethinking what was necessary in a modern office. Many organizations had brought in food, drinks, and other perks to maximize productivity and cohesion. Sometimes, this meant building entirely new campuses. There was plenty of debate about the merits of open offices and ergonomic furniture.

But now, a hybrid format—where employees are only in part-time—is causing employers to again rethink these spaces.

Workplace perks like ping-pong tables, roof decks, and “cold brew and beer on tap” will no longer be as appealing to employees accustomed to a more flexible work style, says Frank Weishaupt, the CEO of Owl Labs, a company that makes tech solutions for hybrid teams—and is hybrid itself.

One of the other things his team has given up is personal desks, opting instead for “hoteling” or “hot desking.” “The only rule we have is not to leave anything on your desk overnight,” says Weishaupt.


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