Suriname: Bakers collective reassured about the cost of point breads

The Bakkerscollectief, which operates within the Shopkeepers and Entrepreneurs Association Suriname (WOVS), has exchanged ideas with Minister Saskia Walden of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation (EZ) about the cost price of a cone bread. During the meeting it emerged that the raw materials required such as yeast, margarine, oil and sugar for the production of the point breads have increased enormously.

The transport costs of the raw materials, the increased petrol prices, the increased rental prices of the buildings, the purchase of machine parts and the emerging increased EBS and SWM rates are also the challenges that the Bakkers collective is facing. These pain points mean that an increase of a point loaf is inevitable.

According to a rough estimate of the interest group, the price of a cone bread is SRD 1.80. However, she wants to meet society with affordable bread and therefore asks if the government can subsidize the necessary raw materials.


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