Trinidad & Tobago: Prison officers want more protection after colleague’s home firebombed again

PRESIDENT of the Prison Officers’ Association Ceron Richards said prison officers are growing more concerned by the constant attacks on their lives.

He was speaking with Newsday after an officer’s home was shot at and firebombed for a second time, on Sunday.

On Sunday, CCTV footage circulating social media showed two masked men approaching the entrance of prison service driver Kalel Baskh’s home in Tacarigua around 6 am.

One of the men took out an automatic gun and shot at the house several times. The second man then threw a Molotov cocktail into the compound next to a parked vehicle.

Sunday’s attack was the second incident at Baksh’s home. On October 4, 2018, two unknown men struck when Baksh and his son were asleep.

In that incident, Baksh was awakened around 1.20 am by an explosion outside. His family  found a broken window with the area already on fire.


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