Suriname: Suriname National Foreign Investment NV established

Rajen Pahladsingh will be in charge of the Suriname National Foreign Investment NV (SNFI NV). The deed of incorporation for this NV was signed on 6 August at the Cabinet of the President. “The government has become wiser and has learned from the mistakes made when founding NV Surfin. We have complied with all legal requirements when establishing SNFI NV. The birth of the new NV will draw energy to achieve the stated goals,” said President Chan Santokhi.

SNFI NV has a series of objectives, but the development of activities aimed at mobilizing and attracting investment capital for the implementation of projects and programs has been set as the main objective. The capital is for the promotion of sustainable socio-economic development, for strengthening monetary stability and for the economic resilience of the state and financial institutions. The company’s capital amounts to SRD 1 million, divided into 10,000 shares of SRD 100 each.

The other board members will be appointed next week. “Such an economic situation will be created in Suriname, in which the entire population participates. This will allow us to get rid of the packet system,” said Pahladsingh.


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