NYC: How NYC gang members allegedly hunted down and killed a federal witness

A woman who testified against a Brooklyn gang that terrorized the NYCHA complex where she lived was hunted down and killed after being branded a “snitch,” federal prosecutors said Monday in revealing chilling details of her execution-style murder.

The victim, 33-year-old Shatavia Walls, was gunned down by two men near a walking path at the Pink Houses in East New York on July 7, 2020, authorities said. She died 10 days later at Brookdale Hospital.

Her murder, federal prosecutors allege, was carefully planned and carried out by members of the Ninedee Gang, one of whom called her a “snitch” on July 4 of that year while they argued about setting off fireworks at the housing complex.

In 2019, Walls had testified in a Brooklyn federal court case that a member of the Loopy Gang — another crew in the complex with close ties to the Ninedees — had shot her two years earlier, the feds said.


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