Would you reuse the same trash bag for years? This startup is betting on it

In you’re a conscientious consumer, you’re probably trying to curb your use of virgin plastic by bringing your own tote bags to the grocery store and using refillable water bottles. Yet plastic lurks everywhere, and seems nearly impossible to avoid in daily life. Just one example? Your trash bags. By some estimates, the average American household uses 100 trash bags a year. That’s upward of 12 billion trash bags used annually across the country.

Fortunately, reusable trash bags have arrived. The Australian startup TOMbag has created a sturdy bag made from recycled water bottles. Fill it up, then dump out the waste in your curbside trash bin. They cost between $28 and $42 each, depending on size, and ship internationally. That’s a lot pricier than the jumbo boxes of disposable trash bags that we’re used to buying, but TOMbag’s version is designed to last years, which means the cost evens out over time.


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