The twisted genius behind AirPods chopsticks, Crocs underwear, and more Unnecessary Inventions

As a successful entrepreneur in the consumer products space, Matty Benedetto knows what people want. He just has more fun—and now a full-time career—doing the opposite. Benedetto is the creator of Unnecessary Inventions, a design project for which he engineers all the products you never asked for—and won’t be able to buy.

Got a shirt you need unfolded? Look no further than the Unfold-o-matic. No time to clip your fingernails one by one? There’s JiffyCuts for that. Self-conscious about eating a hot dog in public? Grab yourself the Glizzy Gripper. “You’re creating another problem by trying to solve the initial problem that was never really a problem in the first place,” Benedetto says of his inventions. “A lot of times people confuse the words unnecessary and useless. All of my products, functionally, have a use to them. They just add 10 more steps.”


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