Suriname: 700 new waste containers for city and district

The Sub-Council for Procurement and Award (ORAG), headed by Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk, has approved the purchase of 550 waste containers and 150 waste baskets for the Waste Collection and Processing Service of the Ministry of Public Works (OW). The contents of the waste containers vary between 240 and 1100 litres, while the waste baskets have a capacity of 50 litres.

With the purchase of the waste containers and waste baskets, the ministry will ensure better waste collection and processing. It is the task of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science to collect household waste in Paramaribo and the other districts.

Waste containers are rented out for the performance of this task. The need for replacement is present, as many containers are damaged. The well-known orange waste baskets, which are mainly present in the city center, will also be replaced as much as possible with new waste baskets.

The ministry hopes in this way to ensure that there is less litter, which can cause various other problems. The costs of purchasing the waste containers and waste baskets are borne by the ministry itself.


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