Jamaica: Jamaicans ‘in town’ reflect on COVID-19’s impact on ‘Emancipendence’

It is now two years that Jamaicans will not get the opportunity to celebrate ‘Emancipendence’ as COVID-19 has created a void for the period, with lockdowns and restrictions setting the stage for a toned down mood.

Since the onset of the pandemic on the island in March last year, the island has not been fully shuttered like some other countries across the world, but curfews and gathering limitations have made it difficult for activities to take place, while the Government also placed an outright ban on some events.

The entertainment sector has felt the brunt of the ban and restrictions, and although the Government relaxed the guidelines for the Emancipendence period last year, this has been cited by many as one of the reasons for the first wave of the spread of the virus across the island.


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