Suriname: 13-year-old jailed for aggravated assault on younger brother

A thirteen-year-old boy has been jailed for aggravated assault against his younger brother. On Thursday 29 July, the police of the Geyersvlijt office received a report from the Command Center that an assault had probably taken place on Asari Draaistraat.

The law enforcement officers went to the address to investigate and found a local resident. She told police that she heard her neighbor screaming. She followed the screams and because the parents were not at home, she entered the house. The woman saw her neighbor B., about ten years old, with a swollen right eye and bloody nose. The boy told her that his 13-year-old brother JJ had beaten him.

The motive lies in the fact that the two brothers had been to the store earlier that day, where B. had found an SRD 50. It was then agreed that B. after exchanging the money would give his brother JJ SRD 20. B. did not keep his agreement and only gave his brother SRD 10. This did not go down well with JJ, causing an altercation between the two boys that resulted in a scuffle.


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