Jamaica: Thompson-Herah defends title in women’s 200

It was billed a star-studded race that anyone could win. As long as that person’s name was Elaine.

The latest in the long list of Jamaican speed stars, Elaine Thompson-Herah blew away a much-decorated field in the 200 metres Tuesday morning  to secure an unprecedented women’s sprinting “double-double”.  She completed her second straight Olympic sprint sweep in 21.53 seconds, the second-fastest time in history.

It marked the second time in four nights that Thompson-Herah has won a sprint and recorded a time that fell short of only Florence Griffith Joyner’s hallowed, 33-year-old world records. The 200 record is 21.34.

Four nights ago in the 100 metres, Thompson-Herah started pointing at the clock a few steps before the finish line and finished in 10.61, which was good for the Olympic record but not Flo Jo’s overall mark of 10.49.

In the 200, she ran hard all the way through and stuck her tongue out as she pushed her chest forward at the line. No question here about what would’ve happened if she’d left it all on the track.


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