Suriname: VSB enters formal partnership with private sector in Guyana and Barbados

The Suriname Business Association (VSB) has reached a historic milestone in its collaborative relationships. This business association signed a partnership agreement on July 30 with its counterparts in Guyana and Barbados, namely the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) and the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). The agreement is virtually signed.

VSB, GCCI and BCCI have agreed to promote cooperation between the parties. The establishment of this agreement also aims to improve the level of trade and investment between Suriname, Guyana and Barbados and to increase the capacity of the members of the three organizations.

Caricom came into existence on July 4, 1973 with the signing of the Treaty of Chaguaramas. The Treaty was later revised in 2002 to allow for the eventual creation of a single market and a single economy. Looking back at the beginnings of Caricom, we might conclude that the bigger dream of a single market and a single economy has not yet been realized.

According to VSB chairman Bryan Renten, this is possible because of the lack of a leading role of the private sector in this whole. According to Renten, the signing is a historic crossroads, especially at a time when the region and the world are still struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. “We at VSB believe that by working together we can become stronger. May this togetherness strengthen our businesses. We hope that this cooperation between Suriname, Barbados and Guyana will serve as an example for the region,” Renten said.

The ministries of foreign affairs of these countries were also present during this happy event. All have emphasized the importance of this collaboration and insist on nurturing it.


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