Haiti: Five essential points to ensure election integrity in Haiti | Opinion

The public does not trust the government organizing elections, especially registration procedures and vote tabulation practices. This lack of confidence will increase as long as the powers to manage electoral registers, appoint members of the Electoral Council, finance elections, compile ballots, and publish results remain concentrated in the hands of the Executive.

Here are five recommendations, among many others, to ensure the integrity of the Haitian electoral system.

1. Eliminate the Electoral Council from its outlying entities: This institution is a handicap to the democratization of the electoral process and a symbol of violation of freedom of expression. It encourages electoral fraud for the benefit of the political party in power. Instead, parliament will validate or deny the results coming from local election organizations. In the event of gridlock at the parliament level and for any alleged violation of electoral forms or procedures, the Constitutional Council or the Court of Cassation will act to achieve the principle of the authority of all matters judged.


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