Suriname: Reaction Melvin Bouva: “It’s shit here in DNA”

“It’s shit here in parliament too”, prompted the chairman of the National Assembly (DNA) to ask me to leave the meeting room at the last meeting.

My expression at that time was far beyond the microphone, meanwhile the word that was now even unceremoniously used by the chairman in the microphone. Ironically…

Fallacies of “previous government”
Opinions are divided on this state of affairs. In any case, for me it was not meant to be malicious, but part of a protest for a point of order against the answer from the government or the Minister of Health. It is customary for this government to evade questions in DNA and, in its failure to solve current issues, to hide behind the ‘previous government’ story with fallacies.

While hospitals are sounding the alarm about the current situation, people have to dig deep into their pockets for the costs of lab research and medication, pregnant women have been stripped of their bazo card and people are dying in hospitals due to poor care, the case is being turned around. . This, of course, is rightly irritating for many. Which some citizens have drawn my attention to.


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