Jamaica: Anti-trafficking task force seeking to strengthen partnership with schools

The National Task Force Against Trafficking in Persons is seeking to strengthen collaboration with schools to reduce the number of persons who fall victim to human trafficking.

“We are inviting schools to partner with the NATFATIP because we find that most victims of trafficking are children,” said Manager, Trafficking in Persons Secretariat, Ministry of National Security, Chenee Russell Robinson.

“NATFATIP address the three Ps – ‘Prevention, Protection and Prosecution’ –surrounding trafficking. However, the preventative aspect is our focus in schools and is exercised through public education efforts. These include multimedia campaigns and initiatives such as Anti-Trafficking in Persons Clubs within secondary schools across the island,” she told a recent JIS Think Tank.

Russell Robinson informed that there are about 20 schools across Jamaica where clubs initiatives have been set up to sensitise students, teachers and parents about trafficking and the task force is actively working with the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information to get more institutions on board.


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