Dominican Republic: Promote high-tech packaging to differentiate coffee from export

With the presence of Dominican exporters of specialty coffees and authorities of the Dominican Coffee Institute (Indocafé), ProDominicana, and the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Mypimes, actions were announced for the repositioning of the country’s specialty coffees in the demanding international markets, making the push box high-tech vacuum packaging available.

On behalf of the specialty coffee sector, Eddy Ramírez said that although in the last thirty years national production has been reduced, becoming an importing country, this will be a year of growth, as they have begun to resume old markets, as well as emerging new ones.

Ramirez thanked the government for its support for participating in the Specialty Coffee Fair to be held in New Orleans on September 30 and congratulated the Pushbox packaging, which he said allows coffee conservation over time.

At the ceremony, the executive director of Indocafé, Leónidas Batista, highlighted the importance of Dominican coffee, assuring that it is the product of greater social union. He added that the government would work to make the coffee sector self-sufficient for domestic consumption and increase specialty coffees’ export.


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