Are you in the global middle class?

The COVID-19 pandemic has rewound the clock on a decade-long progressive trend of people around the world moving out of poverty and into the middle class. At the end of 2020, there were an estimated 54 million fewer people in the middle class than had been projected at the start of the year, and 131 million more in poverty.

Those figures are based on analysis by the Pew Research Center conducted in March. To complement that research, the nonpartisan think tank this week published an interactive income calculator that anyone can use to determine where they fit into Pew’s five defined global wealth categories.

Pew assesses that in 2020, 17% of the global population was categorized as middle class (living on $10 to $20 per day); 51% as low income ($2.01 to $10), and 10% as poor (less than $2); 15% as upper-middle ($20.01 to $50), and 7% as high income (more than $50 per day). Using the calculator lets you see where you land. Just select your country and input your income.


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