Trinidad & Tobago: Man refuses to be a victim, chases suspected thieves down highway

Adamant that he would not be a silent victim, one man chased down three suspected thieves on Wednesday.

This led to the arrest of the driver of the getaway vehicle by officers attached to the Special Operations Response Team (SORT).

The brave man contacted police while recording the nail-biting scene.

He was the front-seat passenger of a car proceeding east along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway (UBH) at the time.

He told law enforcement that he was robbed of $20,000. According to him, the money was stashed in his vehicle and three men stole it before entering a red car and speeding off.

Refusing to lose sight of them, he pursued the vehicle. 

As the suspects made their way off the highway, swinging left near Courts Megastore, the chase continued. 


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