Suriname: OW signs Suriname River dredging contract with De Boers-Boskalis

Minister Riad Nurmohamed of Public Works (OW) has given permission to the dredger, the director and all other actors to make preparations for the mega project ‘dredging the Suriname River’. OW has signed a contract with dredging company De Boer-Boskalis Joint Venture.

Extensive information was provided by means of a presentation during a press briefing on 26 July. Director ACE Consultancy will immediately start preparations for the implementation of the project. The difference with the previous projects is that in this project both the consultant and the contractor will pre-finance a large part of the project and be reimbursed at a later stage.

Once the depth of 4.5 meters has been reached, according to the State Decree, every ship above a loading capacity of 50 tons that enters the Suriname River, regardless of origin, will pay a fee for use. The Maritime Authority Suriname (MAS) will collect these costs, together with other port and pilot fees that are already being collected.

The usefulness and necessity of dredging the Suriname River are essential. For example, ships can carry more cargo. The most critical part of the Suriname River is at the mouth of Braamspunt. Recently ships got stuck there when entering.


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